BIG Problem--No Pay raises for most Americans! 


The Finance Industry is the culprit: finance destroys jobs, distorts markets, misallocates capital, poisons our political economy and jeopardizes our economic infrastructure with impunity.

Many important factors contribute to decades of no real wage growth for regular Americans. Several important social, political, demographic, structural & cyclical causes are making us poorer. Yet, we must not let all these complex micro & macro explanations for America's flat wages divert the spotlight from the one bad economic actor who stands very culpable yet sits smug, unpunished & in control.

WHO is this villain? The Finance Industry: finance aka Wall Street undermines the health of the USA. Like the Republicans/Democrat in the political sphere, finance is the single greatest threat to America's economic health and well being.

Finance no longer does its vital economic job, which is to efficiently invest in & grow the real economy. Instead, Finance actively distorts markets, misallocates capital & starves smaller business of crucial loans while destroying America's jobs & economic productivity. It perverts our political economy by force feeding the bloated Democrats & Republicans cash, influence & stocks. It controls & dominates the institutions--such as the Federal Reserve or the US Treasury--that regulate it.

Finance has become the enemy of Capitalism & the People. It forces the worse of Socialism on America by keeping its windfall profits while socializing its giant loses. America, our government & tax payers pay the bill; Banksters, Democrats & Republicans collect bonuses & stock options. Like clockwork, every decade Finance jeopardizes our economic infrastructure; its recklessness shocks markets nationally, international & globally.

Most insipidly, for decades, finance has been forcing the biggest productivity destroying, wage suppressing & income disparity producing phenomenon on the American economy, namely, the Information Technology (IT) Industry. Finance has been using Information Technology (IT) to continually generate outsize IPOs that misuse the nation's capital while basically enriching investment bankers and handful of lucky geeks.

Finance rewards itself to the spoils of the latest IT bubble; our economy cleans up the mess. Finance inflates IT offerings to ridiculous market caps that create a few billionaires--and fewer jobs. Finance uses IT processing power to generate more arcane data, more risky derivatives & faster trades. Volatility goes up, wealth goes down. America gets the risk; Finance gets the rewards. IT gobbles up & wastes our nation's capital & productivity faster than the speediest download or IT security breach.

For the sake of We the People, balance must be returned to our economy. Both Finance & IT cost our country an extraordinary amount of money & growth. Now comes the time to return to We the People the money that should have been in our paychecks all these years!

Humaucracy brings the innovation and the solutions to redress the imbalance that Finance & IT have brought to our economy.