Members of both House of Congress duty is to represent the diverse voices of the electorate in their individual Districts & States. It is not their duty to represent the voices of those who carry & distribute money in Washington DC. As it stands now, Republican & Democrat incumbents get the gross majority of their money donations from within 'the beltway' which is the insiders term for greater Washington DC.

This practice is very, very unhealthy for our representative democracy. It corrodes the entire process, but expecting derelict Republicans & Democrats to put an end to representing DC $$$ is like asking an out of control alcoholic to just get by and have a few more drinks. A law need not be passed that would forbid party members while in office from collecting DC cash to pay for their campaigns. Such a law would be unconstitutional and unnecessary.

The Humaucracy Political Reform Plan calls on Members of Congress to make a pledge, similar to the 'Pledge of Allegiance,' we all say in school:

Congressmen/woman pledge NOT to solicit, accept or contribute cash for any political purpose from any individual or organization within the 100-mile Washington DC Political Cash Free Zone. The only civic location for US Representatives & Senators to solicit campaign contributions is from voters living within their respective States & US House Districts.