A simple majority vote of Congress would render Personal Congressional Leadership PACs illegal. All the money contained within these PACs would be returned to the Treasury to be used to pay down the deficit.  Without Leadership PACs, congress members would be forced to turn to their loyalty to the electorate, not campaign cash kings!

You've likely heard of Super PACs (Political Action Committees). These are the ubiquitous special interest $$$ political organizations that flood our local elections with 'Outside Money.' These are the usual suspects in channeling money to both Democrat & Republican causes & campaigns. They contribute greatly to political finance hyperinflation and give special interest $$$ an outsize voice in our democracy

On the other hand, a Leadership PAC, is a personal political money cache that is dedicated specifically to individual Senators & Representatives. These personal Leadership PACS didn't exist before 1980. They were created specifically to get around the restrictions placed on fundraising politicians in the wake of Watergate. Personal Leadership PACs allow long serving, incumbent Republican & Democrat members of Congress enrich themselves, their families & friends. It allows the Democrats & Republicans create nepotistic political dynasties at the expense of the American people.

Over the decades, members of both parties adopted personal Leadership PACs as a way to cash in on their office, pass the benefits & six figure campaign jobs to friends, family members or other special interests. Today, nearly every Republican & Democrat member of Congress has a personal Leadership PAC. Up until 35 years ago no members needed such cash hoards. They are not needed now.