Eliminate America's Student Debt
Simply correct & redirect the Federal Reserve's QE program

Instead of "stimulating" the economy by flooding the largest financial institutions with hundreds of billions of mortgage backed debt securities purchases. Initiate a legitimate QE stimulus program, simply purchase the American people's student debt. In one year, this simple QE change w ill create in 2 million jobs and add 2% to Americas GDP growth. 

It would only take 1 year of stimulus at the regular QE3 rate to erase every outstanding student loan. The American people and economy would be indeed stimulated. Every graduate who is now saddled with thousands of dollars of student loan debt owed to banks would immediately have an unnecessary financial yoke removed from their neck. Those people would spend the money in the REAL economy, buying cars, food and clothes for their children or to invest in a new business and create jobs.

This simple adjustment to the current Federal Reserve QE policy will be imperceptible to most votes yet will create millions of new jobs per year, accelerate the upward trend on wages, plus increase America's rate of economic growth by 50% per annum and make every American richer!

Most importantly, education is the single best path to better wages, jobs and opportunity.

Make a REAL Investment in our people, their opportunity & education

Since the 1980s, the price of a college education has gone up much faster than wages. Up to the 1980s, more than 70% of money going towards individual students tuition was paid by state & federal grants. Now, less than 20% comes from state & federal grants. Most of that tuition money comes from student loans. The amount of money & financial burden that mostly young people have to carry to educate & improve themselves dwarfs what their parents or grandparents faced. Now, the amount of outstanding student debt exceeds $ 1.5 trillion dollars. 

What is the QE Stimulus Policy?

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the Federal Reserve, America's Central Bank & most important financial institution in the world, has been truing to rescue and stimulate the US ecomomy using extraordinary & unprecedented methods. The Fed's policy is called QE -  Qualitative Easing. 

QE's purpose is to massively stimulate the US ecomomy. QE means the Federal Reserve purchases financial assets, such as mortgage debt securities. Since the financial crash, the Fed has introduced 3 QE programs, QE1, QE2 and the biggest, QE3. QE3 has been going along for three years now. Each month the Federal Reserve spends up to $150 billion per MONTH purchasing financial securities to reduce banks' bad debt and stimulate our ecomony. Unfortunately, the vast majority of voters are unaware that such QE policies exist even though the Fed spends trillions of dollars to basically subsidize the largest banks and financial institutions in this country. Regular voters in the REAL economy where most citizens live and work receive no economic benefit, while the mistakes of the largest financial institutions are erased with QE money.

Instead of using QE to purchase large financial institutions debt securities to stimulate the economy, let's direct the Federal Reserve to instead use that QE money to purchase America's entire student loan debt.