Wide & diverse background, 3 hometowns: Philadelphia, PA. KCMO & Portland OR. Lifelong learner, worker, teacher & student of people, places and all our processes, present & past. Decades working in education, insurance & finance and most recently in health care as a family nurse practitioner and owner of a small community based health care system. I've successfully raised a family now with three young adult children. I understand the problems we face & bring fresh solutions to solve them.


Primary Care Provider (PCP), Family Nurse Practitioner, Small Business Owner, Game Designer, Social Entrepreneur. Founder, Humaucracy Health: an individually focused, community based, primary healthcare organization that will save Medicare billions. Game Designer, Home Owner, Father of three. Multnomah County Health Corp: Disaster Nurse Responder. Masters Degree: WA State Univ. Bachelors Degree: Univ. of Kansas Mt Hood CC, AD RN. Teacher: Nursing, English & French. Bodhisattva. Author.